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Paoletti: Walter Mocchi e l'opera italiana in Sud America

Con Cambridge University Press: 'A huge revolution of Theatrical commerce' di Matteo Paoletti (Università di Bologna), storico del teatro

In the first third of the twentieth century, South America became the most important market for many European theatrical companies. When Italy found itself in various theatrical crises, Walter Mocchi created a transoceanic theatrical empire, using his business acumen to craft viable solutions. While his efforts were most visible in the sphere of opera, he played an extremely significant role in the promotion and circulation of popular forms of musical theatre (such as operetta) and staged world premieres of works by Italian superstars in Argentina (such as Mascagni's Isabeau), thus offering an early example of what Stephen Greenblatt calls 'cultural mobility'.

(tratto da: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/huge-revolution-of-theatrical-commerce/B4964848E735DA2371ECEF44814ECA73)

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